11 01 2008

One of the things I love most about any job I’ve ever had is the opportunity to make things up as I go, make do with what I’ve got, and come up with something new.

F’rinstance, here’s a photo of Lisa Simpson demonstrating a prototype of a collapsible sewing frame I was trying to invent when I was at BACC, a place with everything you’d ever need for paper conservation, and not much for books:

collapsible sewing frame prototype

And here’s one of a sewing frame made of a wire shelf:

wire rack sewing frame

Now, what I want from you? Photos and/or descriptions of the preservation or conservation doodads you’ve come up with under duress. Send me a link or send me a file and I’ll post them all later.

Is this fun or what? Yeah, I’m some sort of geek. First one who sends me something steampunked wins a Tape Is Evil magnet.



3 responses

12 01 2008
Kevin Driedger

Oh, such fun! I am a big fan of innovative and resourceful low-tech gadgetry. Unfortunately, I’m away from home and office for the next few weeks so I won’t be able to shoot pics of some of my own for a while. I look forward to seeing what others have created.

29 01 2008
kevin driedger

I’ve posted pics of some of the tools I use on my flickr account. Some of these are at my work, and some are in my home shop.

I don’t know how many of these were created under duress, but I believe they demonstrate some level of improvisation.

30 01 2008

Those are all really great things! I love the brush holder/shelving. Thanks for putting that together. Maybe you will inspire some more folks to send in.

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