New technologies

Archivists in Second Life

While I have always been curious about and appreciative of the Second Life evolution, I’ve not been too interested in putting any time into exploring it. My First Life is time-consuming enough. I’m starting to see, though, that there will eventually be no such thing as a disparity between the life we lead in what we consider “real” time and the things we do on-line. I’m getting more interested in participating, especially since things like THIS are starting to happen – digitized archives presented on the Information Archipelago of Second Life. This is where true innovation is happening for things like networking and marketing. This is where we can create new audiences and find new methods of fund-raising and outright selling of services. I am starting to envision ways to use this in my new job. Hmmmm. You may be witnessing the start of a new obsession on my part. Or maybe not – I’ll be moving in the next few weeks and then starting a new demanding job. Stay tuned.