Conservation Treatment Methodology, Barbara Appelbaum

26 02 2008

I just got an email from Ms. Appelbaum about the publication of her new book, Conservation Treatment Methodology. I don’t know her personally and haven’t read it, so I can’t tell you anything about it, except that the blurb says it discusses treatment decision-making rather than object-specific treatment applications. Sounds useful. If anyone has read it, please leave a comment here.  I would love to have a book review section of this blog!

I’ll be out of pocket while I move.  Stay tuned!



One response

27 02 2008

I finished it a couple of weeks ago. First, this is the type of book that the field of conservation needs to form a meaningful base of literature. I suspect that upon reading it, you won’t be struck by anything that is groundbreaking. It is a very practical guide to approaching decisions. There are somethings that I didn’t think were particularly applicable to book conservation, or that were poorly phrased, but overall it highlights most of the concepts and steps to treatment.

Is it a book that will change how you work? No, but it gives the field a chance to reference an actual text when discussing issues. In a practical field like conservation, having a “theory” based text can be very helpful in moving discussion forward.

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