Still adjusting – Please hold

I just wanted to check in with everyone who reads this blog, to let you know it is not dead. I do plan on posting all kind of things related to preservation and conservation. It’s just that I’m still trying to figure out where things are and how things are done at the AAC Library. Note the chunk of Matterhorn on the floor at the far right of this picture.  And the fireplace in the distance.  It was functional till just last month!  I’m pitching for a video fire to replace it.

library front desk

I’ve completed my second week of work and am busy mulling over preservation and access priorities. The collections need all kinds of attention all at once, and there is a lot of interest in the materials from many fronts. I’ve answered reference questions about: the best time to go helicoptering in Patagonia; how to find a climbing guide in thy Pyrenees; located topo maps of the Lakes District so a researcher can connect the poems and the altitude gain; found alternative expeditions to Tibetan routes closed due to the political upheaval; and located a 3/4 profile portrait of Sir Edmund Hillary so an artist could sculpt a trophy.

I’m developing a presentation for the Friend’s group on our publisher’s bindings, many of which have really interesting mountain-related designs – I plan to scan the covers and post on the Library blog at some point. Here are a couple not-so-great pics to whet your appetite:

A. Smith Mont Blanc covergilded mountaineering cover

And then there are the issues of a poorly functioning HVAC system, a shelving construction campaign, the magnetic and film media that desperately needs attention, and the development of a digitization program. And cataloging. The upcoming AIC Angel’s project. Starting a book repair program. Fundraising. Having a long range plan in hand is unbelieveably helpful as a starting point for my own planning, and as a method of communicating the issues to other departments. It’s all pretty exciting and challenging and interesting. Stay tuned!