Celebrating My Nerd-ness

Yesterday I had a nerd breakthrough.  I was actually very excited about solving a wordpress-archives.org audio player interface problem and wanted to high five someone.  Consider yourselves high-fived.

We’ve been continuing our quest over at the AAC to get digital content online without spending any money except in staff hours.  This week’s project was oral histories that have been recorded over the past few years.  The .wav files were converted to .mp3s using Audacity, I believe, and dvds were converted to .mpeg4s using Handbrake.  I wasn’t part of that activity, so I can’t tell you how it goes, except to say that it happened successfully.

I decided to use the Internet Archive to host the files.  Turns out they’d rather have .wav files, since the goal is to do preservation the right way, but I uploaded an mp3 file into their test collection, just to see how it all works.  I embedded their player in the library’s blogspot.com blog, and in the main website, and those worked just fine.  The problem was with the new version of blog, which I want to shift over here, to wordpress.  The archive.org audio player won’t embed properly in a wordpress page.  A bit of googling, however, turned up this solution:

  • Click on the Audio File 64Kbps MP3 link on the archives.org page for the recording you are working with
  • Copy the link into the wordpress page using this format (for example): audio=yourfileURL.mp3 Important: put [  ] to open and close.  I left them off so you can see the code.

  • (Note that this player won’t work here because I’ve left out our actual file, since we’re not live yet.)

So simple, but it works!  Woohoo!  I’ll show you our new blog when we go live.  Stay tuned.