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The Miracle of the Storage Room

Need more space between fences? Use bigger balls.

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We couldn’t afford manufactured compact art storage, so we designed and built it ourselves…I like to call it the Miracle of the Storage Room.

Check out the flickr set to see the transformation from unbelievably disorganized and out of control to nicely sheet-rocked, climate-controlled, and deeply satisfying to my geekly heart.

The library staff, the operations director and the facilities staff conspired to construct what turned out to be a very functional way to hang 200 framed items in a small space. We used very inexpensive materials: dog kennel fencing, zip ties, tennis balls…and got it done for under $5,000! (Not including installation of dataloggers, climate notebook, repaired HVAC system, and the hours spent shifting archives to create order elsewhere)

Next up….how to organize a staff of 2 FTE and 5 volunteers to put 30,000 books (5,000 at a time) on newly-installed compact rolling storage in the recently completed rare books room!