Getting Closer Every Day!

30 11 2009

Things seem to fit, miraculously

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The transformation of garage to conservation studio is almost complete – a little more paint, putting up shelves and (my favorite) putting things on them, heat, light, alarm….and soon, the Colorado home of Beth Heller Conservation will be ready for action.  I can hardly wait!

Camilla Van Vooren recently visited the AAC to do a painting conservation estimate and I felt such longing when she unpacked her bag full of hand tools and solvents. I miss my microspatula. I miss my tiny bone folder that fits my hand just so.  I am SO looking forward to washing things, scraping things, flattening things, mending things – all the stuff of paper conservation, book conservation.  I am hopeful that January 2010 is blast off.   Stay tuned!



2 responses

30 11 2009
Gary Landeck

Super cool! What a nice workspace. So exciting!

18 01 2010

this looks awesome, beth!

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