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Cary Peck’s Stuff Is In The House

I have been busy unpacking the bindery items I purchased from Cary Peck.  You can see photos of her and read about her career in this PDf version of a 2004 Guild of Bookworkers interview.  One of the most interesting comments she makes is about her early days of training and work:

“Four months after my decorative paper class at the Y, I started as a bookbinder with a ruler, a pair of scissors and a hair comb. My shop was my kitchen table with my work board on top. With 6 kids to raise by myself, I had one clean spot to work. To close down the shop, everything went onto the work board and under my bed.”

I certainly remember what it was like to work on a desk top narrower than the board I was trying to cut at the Benson Latin American Library, with a straight edge, sort of, and a couple of glue brushes, but there were not 6 kids clamoring for my attention at the time.  I feel very lucky to now have the workspace that I do, surrounded by the love of the people who helped me build it.  I’m hoping Cary’s determination and focus will hover near me while I work – and maybe I’ll get to bind a radio too! (read the article and you’ll see what I mean.)