Name That Thing

13 01 2010

As mentioned before, I’ve been unpacking.  Among the hundreds of pencils, the boxes of staples that demonstrate the history of staple packaging and the wealth of leather and decorative paper, I’ve found a variety of things I cannot name.  Here is one:

What is it?

I have no idea

The measurement ticks are 1/8″ apart and the knob turns to loosen or lock down the measurement aspect of the device. The whole thing is 2 1/4″ long and there are hooks on the upper left for attaching it to something.  I’m sure someone out there must know what it is and that I will feel stupid when they tell me.  Anyone? Jeff Peachy?



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13 01 2010
Jeff Peachey

I’m stupid too, no clue. I think you are right that is is a part of something else. Love to see some of the staple packaging if you have time! The Swingline factory used to be located in Long Island City.

13 01 2010

It may an attachment for a sewing machine.

15 01 2010

It is definitely a sewing machine attachment – I had one in the box that came with my old Elna, though I never worked out what it did.

12 02 2010

It is indeed a sewing machine attachment – for sewing button holes I think!

14 03 2010
Jim C

Hey Beth,

The clamp in the upper left corner is a standard sewing machine attachment, with the needle hole being the large polished hole. I’m not sure about the upper right part other than it appears to crease the fabric right at the needle hole. There is a fabric guide and a “ski” at the far end of the swivel arm.

I’m guessing the fabric edge gets pushed though there and you end up with a rolled hem. The Swiss and Germans made all kinds of weird attachments for sewing machines back in the day.

16 03 2010

Well, I guess all I need now is a sewing machine to attach it to! Thanks for playing, everyone.

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