8 11 2012

This post has very little to do with paper conservation, or art, but it does have to do with connection. I was recently musing with friends about what drives blog visits and the answers ranged from google analytics results to friendship and collegial networks to the attractive power of bacon and to the six degrees of Kevin Bacon. And it led me down the road to think about the ways that clients find me through personal and professional connections and the brief glimpses I have into their lives as they talk about what they value in the document or artwork they would like me to fix, and what a lovely pleasure that is, to be entrusted with their story and the object that carries it.

And I bet that this post, with the word bacon in it, will get the most hits this blog has ever had. I’ll report back on the experiment.



4 responses

8 11 2012

I came here because I heard there was bacon. Sue me, I’m Lithuanian. Now can you add a post about squid?

8 11 2012

Audra, I pledge that before the end of 2013, I will find a way to write about paper conservation and squid.

16 11 2012

I’ll admit, bacon caught my eye. But then the content of the post kept me — a lovely thought, Beth, and another of the myriad reasons our work can be so rewarding.

14 02 2013
Marie Rhodes

Well, I skipped the Bacon blog, and read the others – I was looking for pearls of wisdom upon paper conservation. I liked those enough that I thought ‘why not’ and decided to read what bacon had to do with anything.

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