Tape is Evil


Audra Loyal over at The Vespiary just started a twitter trend called #tapeisevil and she got it rolling with a photo of a book with a big honking yellow chunk of tape in it.  Go get on twitter and retweet and add your own #tapeisevil example.  And, of course, you could go with Kevin Drieger’s suggestion: #tapeiswickedawesome.  Fun for conservator geeks!  Maybe I’ll have to actually start using my twitter account (which is @bethlhell by the way).

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Another Instance of Tape Not Being Evil

Click the image for more about this sticky installation.  All I can think about when I look at it, though, is the frustration level of dealing with 550 rolls of packing tape for which you cannot find the end.  Did the installer have assistants that did nothing but keep the tape end ready?  How did they avoid entrapping themselves? I’m pretty sure I would have ended up in the center of a giant tape ball.

Tape is Evil

The Tape of Love

Love is like a roll of tape
It’s real good for making two things one
But just like that roll of tape
Love sometimes breaks off before you were done
Another way that love is similar to tape
That I’ve noticed
Is sometimes it’s hard to see the end
You search on the roll

Brown paper, white paper
Stick it together with the tape
The tape of love
The sticky stuff

Tape is Evil

No. Just say no to magnetic duct tape. No no no.

The text actually tells people to stick it on their photographs. Just imagine the magnet shaped dents when they are all stuck together at the bottom of a shoebox 50 years from now.  I don’t even want to talk about the adhesive.


I thought we were making progress.  I thought the message was out and that the evils of tape were fully known.

I feel vanquished.  I need my tape avenger cape.

Tape is Evil

Unbelievably cool!

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Tape is Evil

Tape is Evil

All paper conservators know the agony and the ecstasy tape brings to our lives: the joy of warming our hands with a blow dryer while joyfully peeling still-sticky polyester tape off of a smooth-fibered paper…and the wretchedness of cross-linked, stubborn, horrible, awful, no-good masking tape that refuses to let go of the brittle, brown paper held in it’s clutches. Hours of swearing, hours of hunched scraping, and in the end, we hope, a bit of paper that might live a little longer, be a little prettier

And am I the only one who, every time, is sent back to pleasurable childhood memories of peeling things off of other things? It’s a kind of disgusting version of Proust’s madeline, isn’t it, to remember the deep satisfaction of peeling off intact inches of dead skin after a sunburn – the bigger the surface area that came off whole, the better. I remember practicing with Elmer’s glue – covering my palm with it, letting it dry, and trying to peel it off whole. I think of these things every time I sit in the zen-zone, peeling tape off of someone’s beloved letter or book or watercolor.

So, I’ve created some stuff you can buy to celebrate the struggle. Check it out at http://www.cafepress.com/tapeisevil