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Things that cross my desk

Okay – I’m going to start posting more, I promise.  Starting with some photos of the things I get to see in my daily work:

Axes:  This month featured an 1894 axe that I never got to see.  I was asked to make a mount for it so that it could be displayed securely in a log cabin in the Tetons.  Luckily, I found a great mount-maker at Field Art Services here in Denver.  I gave him a surrogate axe, he made the mounts, and then we shipped them off to Wyoming with a special snake-eye screw that most climbers don’t have on their leatherman tools.  I sure hope they fit!

Next up: 16mm film.  Turns out we have some, scattered in boxes across the various storage rooms.  Possibly 100 reels of people climbing various mountains, or flying over mountains, or talking about mountains.  So, we got an enthusiatic donor, and in August we get Snowden Becker to come survey and rehouse!  That is going to be really interesting – you can expect updates on this project, for certain.

And then, lantern slides.  Lots and lots of un-labeled, un-catalogued glass slides of …you got it…mountains.