Two Cool Opportunities

I have some interesting friends.  Here are two opportunities presented by four of them:

Tish Brewer and Shannon Driscoll teach a series of classes in Dallas under the name Paper Nerds. The next one  is this sunday, august 2nd from 1 to 4ish.  Here is their description:

“this workshop will explore fold and envelope book structures. the variations are endless and the opportunity for creativity is boundless. these handmade books are a great way to organize all of your small odds and ends. each envelope page or pocket can hold something different such as ephemera, mementos, photographs, and other keep sakes. learn to make a business card holder with decorative papers. ”

Next up, we have Jan Elftmann and Kelly Lyles, who are taking people to China:

“Get connected to China’s thriving Contemporary Art Scene, September 18-29th. Kelly Lyles will be taking 24 artists (or arts appreciators) to Beijing, Shanghai, Zhouzhuang, and Hangzhou, on a VIP networking trip to meet our Chinese Peers (artists and curators). We’ll visit galleries, Museum, art academies and residencies, and of course all the spectacular historical sights of the world’s largest country,  Forbidden City, Great Wall, etc, w/ VIP treatment entire time, since we’re actually guests of the Chinese Government. No waiting in lines, we’re guests of honour at Banquets. This is through ‘World Trade Exchange’, by invitation of the Chinese government, so it’s a resume builder as well as educational (& of course FUN!). Everyone who’s come with WTE (including Arts commission & Archie Bray Foundation) has said “life-changing”. There’s many testimonials on their website…

partial deposit ASAP, in order to procure Visas in time
or go to the WTE  Phone: (425) 890-3184