There are a few ways to contact me.  I’m happy to help!

(720) 295-2384

Email:  bhellerconservation [at] gmail [dot] com

Find me on Facebook, Linkedin or  Google+

I am located in the Denver Metro Area, Colorado, conveniently close to Golden and Boulder, and serving the Rocky Mountain West. I also serve Western North Carolina.

Email for an appointment and directions.

If you will be shipping your artwork rather than visiting in person, we are now proud to offer Ship and Insure services, providing discounts on shipping and insurance for your valuable possessions while in transit.

We also recommend Airfloat strong boxes.  If these are not in your budget, email or call and we can discuss other safe ways of packing your artwork.   For example, the NEDCC has some very helpful packing and shipping instructions. Click here for their page.

Please do not ship without talking with me first!


2 responses

24 11 2007

Hello Beth,

I love your website and identify with your tape love/hate. Your page header is lovely…it gives me a calm and even feeling…very post modern zen Thanks!

29 12 2010
Adrienne Lapp

Hello Beth,
I have enjoyed reading your website. Very intersesting…….the stuff of paper conservation…..who knew?!
Thank you for recommending Met. Frame CO to one of your clients recently-she was very pleased and it prompted me to check out your site. Would like to add your contact info to our “list”.
Best, Adrienne

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