Beth Heller Conservation performs conservation (sometimes called restoration) of works of art on paper and archival documents. Beth provides consulting services to private collectors, corporations, libraries, archives, historical societies and museums regarding preservation planning. She also provides assistance with collection management document review, editing and writing, emergency preparedness and grant-writing.

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Preservation Consulting

From works of art on paper to historic tools, digital media to photographic materials, everything we love needs protection to keep it around for our own enjoyment and for many years to come. Beth Heller Conservation is here to help… Read more…

Paper Conservation

Beth Heller provides conservation treatment for museums, libraries, archives, families, private fine art collectors and allied arts professionals (framers, art shippers, art galleries and art dealers)… Read more…

Book Preservation

Book page detail

As former director of a small special library with an extraordinary archive and rare book collection, and with a Master’s degree in Library Science, Beth has an extensive understanding of the needs of librarians and book collectors, and can assist in preservation planning to improve physical and intellectual access and management of these valuable resources… Read more…